Student Loan Trust Fund Should be "serious" and change their ways of doing things


Student Loan Trust Fund has been helping students in the University for years. They deserve an applause for that.

But it is time they need to change their ways of doing things. Students who are under the Students Loan Trust Fund are not happy about how the entity treats them.

Students under the fund are expected to receive their payment at the early stage of the semesters for each academic year but the Trust Fund rather pays few weeks after semesters have come to and end.

Interestingly, no student under the fund has received his or her payment for first semester in the 2021/2022 academic year which ended some months ago for most Universities.

Some Universities have less than two or three weeks to enter into their second semester under the 2021/2022 academic year and still they have not received last semester's payment.

Imagine those who applied for the loan to pay their school fees and other bills, look at the stress they will go through.

If Student Loan Trust Fund are going to treat students this way, they are not helping them at all, if care is not taking, some students will make good grades and defer their courses because they couldn't pay their feed on time.

Students need the money on time, with this, they will see the benefit of taking the loan.

Anytime you make a call to the office, they do not give you the exact information about when they will pay students and it is not fair at all.

If they are helping students, they should help the at the right time because any delay can affect the academic activities of the student or his or her end of semester results.