Remarks From David Ndii After Donald Kipkorir Was Awarded Ksh 1.3 Billion

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David Ndii who is among the top economist in Kenya and one of Kenya kwanza allies today tweeted that Classic campaign finance corruption. This comes after Donald Kipkorir was awarded Ksh 1.3 Billion by Nairobi county government after defending them in court to reclaim their land. Ndii believes that it corruption money from the government.

Kyan tweeted, "Thought you guys supported entrepreneurship. Since you are on a payslip don't be jealous of someone who has worked hard for over 8 years @DonaldBKipkorir did his job.. Unless you are applying indirectly.. #hardwaorkpays. Kaa kwa wheelbarrow in peace."

Konstantin tweeted, "Hiii pesa ya DBK imeuma watu wengi sana😂😂. Sometimes back people used to rubbish him that he's never been to a Court of Law. Leo ameshinda kesi after a 10 year battle and guys are bitter about it. He's done it without bribing judges like other lawyers."

Austine tweeted, "Ndii,if you ask me I think you both deserve it, though it has taken so much of his time and years,but yours was to change your allegiance and you were awarded in hours,sorry if your balance is to be cleared when he assumes opposition role from September."

Barry tweeted, "DK is only known for his flashy life and as number 1 RAO sycophant. It's immoral for one to pocket such huge cash in litigation fees from the tax payer in a country whose economy is ailing."

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