Fayemi Should Carry Bola Tinubu's Campaign Banner If Tinubu Decides To Run For Presidency - Ojudu

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Former Senator representing Ekiti central and incumbent Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters,Senator Babafemi Ojudu has said Ekiti state Governor,Kayode Fayemi should be forever grateful to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for making him Governor of Ekiti state,Southwest,Nigeria.

He added that Fayemi should be the one carrying the campaign banner of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu if the former Lagos State Governor decides to run in 2023 because of what he did for him.

Ojudu,who made this known in an interview with The Punch newspaper also added that what led the standoff between him and the incumbent Governor of his state is not about 2022 governorship poll and that he is just asking the Governor to get serious, stay home and govern the people.

He said Fayemi should stop gallivanting and spending stupendous resources on chartering private jets but should rather spend the resources of the state judiciously. 

The two political leaders in Ekiti state have been at loggerhead since the 2018 gubernatorial election in the state which saw Kayode Fayemi emerging as the Governor of the Southwestern state. 

What do you have to say about this allegations levied against the Governor of Ekiti state by his own party member,Babafemi Ojudu. 

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