Uhuru Kenyatta Might be Humbled in Kiambaa, UDA Is No Joke


All along Uhuru Kenyatta has been thinking he has the support of the people untill Juja and Rurii by-election happened with his party of jubilee losing the seat in home ground to the hustlers nation. It's clear even in Kiambaa jubilee party might be humbled for the party might suffer another defeat.

It's already clear and a fact that jubilee party and UDA re fighting for space in Kiambaa. However fact as stubborn as they are it's open for everybody to see that jubilee candidate is already fighting for breathing space with UDA standing tall.

Uhuru Kenyatta might be humbled in Kiambaa for it's a fact jubilee party has very minimal chances. The constituency seems heavily behind Njuguna Wanjiku of UDA who is highly determined to capture the seat by everything possible.

UDA Party has proved a no joke despite it being formed just recently. It's already clear the party has hooks in every corner of Kenya something that could humble Uhuru Kenyatta not only in the Kiambaa by-election but also ahead of 2022 elections.

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