How do you know that he/she is the one for you?


Starting from a friendly relationship is a wise choice, it helps you understand the type of person you are dating. You learn to understand his likes, talents, turn offs, etc. With that you would need to check your compatibility status and find out if you can be able to cope with your partner's lifestyle.

Money answers all things but is the root of all evil, money shouldn't be the main priority in a relationship. Money can't buy love it can only try to seduce which would not linger for a long time. Yes! We need money for our daily needs but it has its limitations in securing a good lasting relationship.

When he/she is protective of you, sacred of loosing you to another, adores you like a king/queen, don't take them for granted because it could be genuine love. But don't get me wrong, there is a difference between being protective and obsessive, learn to distinguish and if you are attentive enough it would be easier for you.

Communication is the key to every good relationship, it keeps the relationship alive and beautiful. When he/she tries to communicate with you daily even with their busy schedule, it shows how much they value you and the relationship. Am very busy isn't an excuse it shows that your partner doesn't value the relationship.

Be ready to listen to your spouse, don't be too busy to listen. Check out for facial and body expression, its very important to study it to know when something changes and when it seems odd. Do not rush into conclusions, take your time and deliberate on it before reaching a decision.

Yours would understand when you are happy, sad, angry, etc. He takes note of everything about you, know what you like doing at your free time, what you hate, allergies, etc even without you telling them, they observe and take note. He/she would try as much as possible to make you happy, comfortable and save.


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