2 Popular American Models Whose Daughters Are Following Their Footsteps

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Having a child who is interested in your work as a parent is a positive thing. Most superstars have made a place for their children in their professions, and those children are succeeding. 

Below are two well-known American celebrities' daughters who are following in their footsteps and succeeding admirably. 


A well-known American television personality, Kim Kardashian, a model and a successful businesswoman, has trained her daughter, North West, in modeling. The lovely lady has shown interest in modeling, and she is quickly becoming a fashion icon for children. 

Kim Kardashian and North West, mother and daughter, have modeled for major brands together on occasion. 

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Bernice Burgos, a well-known American model and businesswoman, has successfully trained her loving daughter, Ashley Burgos, to follow in her footsteps as a successful model. 

Ashley Burgos has precisely followed in her mother's footsteps and achieved renown in the industry, as she is now a successful model with her own successful fashion brand. 

Every woman should strive for greatness as a mother and for her child to reach greatness as well.

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