One Of The Top 10 Tallest Buildings Is In Nigeria, Check It Out And Where It Is Located


Nigeria, one of the greatest African countries with distinct infrastructures and development is located in Western Africa. Nigeria is thus very developed and the richest, it has the largest economy in the whole of Africa.

Nigeria is not as under_developed as most of us take it to be. It has the best BRT transportation system in Africa, the largest megacity in Africa {Lagos}, Nigeria's Lagos and Abuja is among the top 10 best and developed African cities. When it comes to development and infrastructural cities, Lagos and Abuja makes the African continent proud. Also, the Eko Atlantic city project which is ongoing is also making Nigeria and Africa at large proud.

Due to the development in Nigeria, some of the tallest buildings in Africa come from Nigeria but we are only going to discuss one which is part of the top ten in Africa.

The Building is the NECOM tower located in Lagos city, State, Nigeria. NECOM house formerly known as NITEL Tower is the tallest building in Nigeria currently and one of the top tallest in Africa. The 32-story skyscraper was completed in 1979 and it houses the head quarters of NITEL. The communications spire at the top of the building serves as light house beacon for Lagos Harbor. At the time of completion, it was the tallest in West Africa.

Lagos is the fastest growing Mega city in the World currently and the best in West Africa.