Mike Sonko Celebrates Scandy Chelagat’s 12th Birthday With Special Message 3 Years After Saving Her


Governor Mike Sonko has always been a philanthropic person and loves helping the less fortunate in the society when he can. 

Three years ago a story of a certain girl Scandy Chelagat who had a life threatening cancerous tumor on her eye was highlighted by the media, Scandy had been given a few months to live as she couldn’t afford to have it surgically removed in India and the doctors back home were not well equipped to do it.

Scandy and dad enroute to India. Image courtesy

Sonko luckily came to the family’s rescue and Scandy together with her dad were flown to India and had the tumor removed, all expenses were catered for by the governor.

Today Scandy celebrates three years since the tumor was removed and luckily no traces of the cancerous cells have been detected ever since. 

As she turned a year older Sonko did not forget to send her some gifts and a cake back at her parents home where she celebrated with her family. Sonko also stated that plans to have her undergo an eye transplant to help her see better were underway.

“Do you remember the story of Baby Scandy Chelagat who was suffering from an eye cancerous tumour which was attached to her brain?. 

We tried our best to take her to all the good hospitals in Kenya just to try to save her life, but at some point the Doctors gave up on her and indicated that her chances of survival were very minimal and that she should be discharged to go back to her Kericho rural home.

We were very much touched because she hailed from a very very humble background hence we never gave up and hurriedly processed  her travelling documents plus those of her Dad who was a watchman in Kericho.  

Accompanied by our nurses, we airlifted them to Hydrabad, India where she underwent a 9-hour surgery conducted by a team of Doctors.

The cancerous tumour was successfully removed. She was put under observation for one and a half years to monitor whether the cancer is completely healed. 

We glorify the name of the living God as 3 years down the line and after conducting numerous tests, the cancer has completely gone and the girl fully healed. 

We are now planning for an eye transplant for her so that she can regain her eyesight like other kids.

However, the devil is still a liar as Baby Scandy is now in Class 6 at Whitestar academy in Langata under our full sponsorship and she is today celebrating her 12th birthday. 

My special thanks on this successful journey goes to Donnie Langat and Hon.Paul Chir Chir Tarimbo MCA Kapaoit Ward, Kericho County who also coordinated today's birthday with my office. 

Unto you Baby Scandy, even though this year we are not celebrating your birthday together  due to Covid- 19 rules and regulations: You are a very strong girl and you shall grow to be even a more stronger Woman in future. 

May you live longer to become a good testimony of how God's miracles work.

We wish you all the best in life.  May the Lord guide your path and grant you favour.  

Happy Birthday Baby Scandy!” Sonko wrote on Facebook. 

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