Olmoran Insecurity rise as one man is killed and livestock stolen by armed bandits

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While addressing the citizen television journalist,the citizens of Laikipia have indentified the deceased as Baba Eunice who was gunned down and herders taking away his livestock.The residents have raised concerns over more attacks as they promise to withdraw their children from school as they fear that there is still insecurity.

The residents of Ngwachi ward in Olmoran are in fear that attacks are happening despite the heavy deployment of security to bring the situation to normality.The attack of today according to the residents happened five hundred metres from where the soldiers are digging a trench and setting up a barrack.Tge attack has happened in broad daylight and the Bandits made away with the livestock of the deceased.

The residents have also raised concerns that security agencies are patrolling the area and the promised forty eight hours issued by the government to the Bandits are over yet no serious operation is taking place.There is tension as the bandits are yet to be driven out of the area completely and they are armed to teeth ready to conduct killing.

The residents are pleading with the government to ensure that security agencies provide security as they promised.The calm that was resuming in Olmoran has now been disrupted and the residents feel that somebody is joking with their security.They have raised issues that the response of the security agencies is too slow and this has given bandits time to destruct property,steal livestock and kill people insensitively.

The residents now are pleading for action to drive the Bandits out of Olmoran.there is more fear as the Bandits hideouts are known and they may attack any time and now residents choose to remain in one place inorder to be secure as others leave their homes.they are hopeful that the government will act before more blood shed takes place .

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