"Polisi Walinikanyangia Chini Wakitaka Kuniua na Wakachukua Pesa Zangu Zote" Woman Cries For Justice


A family in Murang'a is in pain after one of their family member by the name Mary Wanjiru was brutally beaten by police officers and left to die.

According to Mary Wanjiru, the police officers attacked her while she going back home from work just few minutes to curfew where she claims they brutally beat her and took all the money she had.

She claims they had planned to kill her but she was first to bit them their hands while they were trying to strungle her to death and she managed to escape. She rushed to the hospital where she is currently being treated.

The family claims they reported the incident to the police station but no action has been taken and the two rogue police officers are still walking freely where they are now asking the government to intervene.

Mary claims she is in much pain and her only hope is to get justice because she closed down her business and all the money was taken by the rogue police officers and she was left with nothing.

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