These Funny Pictures Will Make Your Day

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Comedy arises on many occasions and that not only makes life better, but also enjoyable. Here are some of the funny pictures that will make you laugh.

Early 2021, RB Leipzig's goalkeeper, Peter Gulasci fell into the net trying to make a save. In a Champions league match against Liverpool, Andy Robertson hit a chip which needed an extra effort to save it. Luckily, the star was not injured although he managed to save the team.

In this picture, Allison Becker appears to be seated and smoking. This is after the goalkeeper lacked what to do with Liverpool pressing alot to the extent of him relaxing in goal. Any football fan finds this funny since a goalkeeper should be attentive not to make any mistake.

In this picture, the lady is scooping food into the boys mouth using a spade. The illusion creates comedy due to contrast with the normal world perception. This is a result of modern technology with creativity thus creating an illusion.

This is Cristiano Ronaldo when the ball rolled over to his neck after chipping it past the goalkeeper. He was lucky to score the goal afterwards since the ball rolled past his head and he managed to tap it in.

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