Blame Goes To those Who Were Directing The Bus That killed 18 People in Mwingi, Netizens React

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It is indeed a very sad day, the country together with the residents of Mwingi are currently mourning the death of 18 innocent people. The passengers were going to attend the wedding ceremony of their beloved one. As they were crossing the river, by the name river Enziu in Mwingi, there bus was swept away by water and it drown deeply into the water.

So far 18 people have been reported dead and others are admitted in the hospital. When you watch keenly the video, there were some people who were directing the driver, this were the people who were supposed to caution the driver against taking that risk.

Here is the Link of the full video on Instagram.

Most of the Instagram Netizens have blamed the people who were directing the driver. Here are some comments of the Instagram Netizens.

It is indeed very sad, and may those who have died rest in peace, it hurts and it sucks, may almighty God give their families strength.

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