"It's Easy to Sack the Manager" Top European Club Manager Faces Sack as Players Give their Opinions

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The 2021/2022 season begun on a high note for some top European clubs, but some are really struggling to get back to winning ways as they are getting negative results.

FC Barcelona are in deep trouble under Ronald Koeman who has not managed to move the club to the glorious days expected by the fans and board when he was being appointed.

In this season's UEFA Champions league, FC Barcelona are yet to get a win from the two matches in which they have already lost three nil to Bayern Munich and Benfica.

This kind of results have put Ronald Koeman under intense pressure and it seems like he could be sacked any time soon as there are no hopes of a come back.

Speaking after the match, Sergio Busquets and Frenkie de Jong gave their opinions on the club's current situation which needs some real changes.

De Jong stated: "In my opinion the solution is not to change the coach."

Sergio Busquets stated: "It’s easy to sack the manager… the truth is we’re all responsible for this situation. And it’s critical situation, to be honest."

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