Kidi vs Eugene, who's the best?


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It's been so long since this topic was brought up. And yet still, there seems to be no exact answer for this question. This was an interesting topic back then, and is still now. In Ghana here, we have great artistes that's for sure. People have been battling on this topic since, and no one seems to have an answer. But why would they? It's not like both of them ain't great at what they do.

This question, I think it's for the people to decide. Because we the people, made everything happen for them. So please make your choice, it may be difficult though, so give it your best thought.

Who's your favorite artiste?

Kidi is a Ghanaian musician. He has made his career through music. His love and passion for music, is what has lead him so far. Also he has many hit songs that everyone still listens to. His most loved song ' odo ', became everyone's favorite when, it was released before having a remix. So far Kidi is still yet to release more lit songs that everyone will enjoy.

Eugene is a highlife artiste with many hit songs as well. His career started of with his hit song Angela. Eugene's love for music also is what keeps him coming up with new songs. So far this artiste has released songs that everyone has loved since and still do. Am not sure of his most loved song, because all his songs are really great. But recently his most viral song so far, I think is ' open gate '. This song has had a lot of impact on people.

These artistes, have really made it to the top. Everyone just love their music. So now here comes the question, who is your favorite artiste? Who do you think is the best, your opinion matters because it's your opinion. Share your favourite artiste with all of us, in the comment section.