My husband is back from UK so stop coming to my house.

Attaining higher education is certainly not a problem but if it will affect your social life and emotions, some adjustments need to be done so as to avoid a life time pain. Many relationships, especially marriages ruined because of the desire for one partner to obtain higher knowledge. And the same thing is likely to happen to a couple whose story has burst out onto the media space. This is how it goes:

We met at the University and I developed interest in her and finally proposed to her. She accepted and we got married after our University.Sincerely speaking, Bella(my wife) was a good lady and has what it takes to be a wife.

After six years into our marriage and after working for some time, a scholarship opportunity came fully sponsored by the company I work, for few workers that were selected to go to London for further studies. And God being so good, I was among the few people selected.

However, after my two years in London, I came back to Ghana. But after two weeks stay with my darling wife, I started seeing changes. Though her character towards me has not changed, she now receives unnecessary phone calls from people I don't know. And these phone calls normally come in the night. What even draws my attention is that my wife would never receive any of these calls in my presence.

So one day, as we sitting in the rest room for a movie, a call came and she left so I sneaked and followed her and this Was the conversation: "Lover boy, sorry, you can't come here again. My husband has returned from London. And that's over between us. Don't call my number again."

After she came back I asked her who she was making the call with but she was neither willing to show me that guy nor tell me what she said on the phone.

Now I'm beginning to doubt that she is not faithful and truthful to me as she used to be. Should I file for a divorce or what should I do?

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