Ladies: See 15 Most Beautiful Tribe Hairstyle PICTURES That Only Existed In Africa.

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As a member of the Black culture, I admit we often take the significance and maintenance of hair to another level ourselves. But this is not of our own will. In fact, the importance of hair in the Black community can be traced back to our African ancestors and it has successfully lived with us and has been transit from generation to generation perfectly.

And the history of the affair begins trace from here. The origin of this love affair can be traced back to Africa when people have the most beautiful hairstyle. It seems only natural and man-made hairstyle was counted to be part. Although the textures of their hair varied greatly, the Africans expressed similar views on the cultural and social significance of their hair. Some cultures believe favor, love and protection are gain through their hair but the majority was having the hairstyle for easy identification.

A coiffure is perfected by various decorations: cowries, beads, mother-of-pearl buttons, medals, pieces of silver, amber balls, metal rings, and pins of wood, bone, or ivory. In the West African Sahel, the Fulbe and Peul (Fulani) cultivate impressive hairstyles.

For purposes to do with magic, a man or woman may also attach amulets to certain hairdos. The more elaborate coiffure includes braids, crests, curls, cascades, chignons, and vertical cornrows.

Through the terms braiding, twisting, plaiting, and reverse braiding are often interchangeably, they actually describe different means of styling the hair.

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