Stephen Kamau From Nyandarua County Surrenders Bhang Worth Millions Of Shillings To The Authorities

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The use of drugs in the country is one of the biggest issues that is yet to be properly dealt with. Many youths in the country have ruined their lives by getting addicted to various types of harmful drugs. A man from Nyandarua county has done the unthinkable after surrendering bhang to the authorities.

Stephen Kamau surrendered 20,000 rolls of weed which is estimated to have a street value of one million Kenyan Shillings. Kamau asked for forgiveness after saying he had ruined a lot of lives through his business and said he have now decided to turn his life around.

Francis Kimemia, the Nyandarua county governor promised to help Stephen Kamau start a new business to enable him feed his young family. Authorities have encouraged other drug peddlers to follow Stephen Kamau's lead and surrender the drugs to the authorities. Marijuana is illegal in the country but George Wajackoyah has promised to legalise it if he wins the presidential election.

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