14 Things That Can Make One's Life Happier - Doctor


Living ones life being happy is very important. Going through life without being happy will cause one's life to be miserable. If a person is not happy, it's possible that people that lives around such person also cannot be happy. For instance; in a family,if the father or the mother is not happy, the children cannot be happy as well.

Happiness can flow from one person to another.If a person is happy,it is possible that the person's happiness can flow through another person through the person's attitude. The attitude of a happy person can also brings happiness to people around him/her.

A doctor on Tweeter who is popularly known on social media as @ firstdoctorr has taken to his Tweeter account. In his tweets,he mentioned 14 things that can make one's life happier. Read his tweets below."Things that can make your life happier

1. Don't hate

2. Don't over-think

3. Make money

4. Love yourself

5. Live simple

6. Play with kids

7. Exercise daily

8. Give more

9. Expect less

10. Sleep well

11. Safe sex

12. Eat well & take supplements

13. Pray or meditate

14. Read books"

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