I Have Been Neglected By Filmmakers - Mama Jane Cries Out

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Veteran actress, Mama Jane has stated in an interview that she has been neglected by filmmakers.

According to her, movie producers don't call her anymore for roles. She said she can be in the house for about four months without being called.

Mama Jane stated in response to Fiifi Pratt that it's not because she's unwell but she has been intentionally neglected by producers, directors, artistes as if she's missing in the industry and she hasn't stopped acting too.

The veteran Ghanaian actress has said the only time she will stop acting is when she's no more part of the living.

Mama Jane has stated that she's into acting and hasn't stop to venture into other business as per thought.

"No! I don't do any business apart from acting. I think I was born with it so I will never stop acting," she said.

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