The Bitter Truth About Marriage You Must Know - Pastor Mildred Kingsley

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Photograph courtesy of Pastor Mildred Kingsley| Facebook

Her message was centered on women and how they should behave in submissive roles to their husbands, according to her.

According to her, God created marriage for a reason, and one of those purposes is to teach submission to one another.

According to her, in order for their marriage to work, women must abandon Feminism completely and completely.

"Feminism will never work in a marriage," she stated emphatically.

Before he created marriage, God, according to her, had principles in place.

In order to run a marriage, the person who created it must adhere to certain principles. If you read the fifth chapter of the book of Ephesians, you will understand what I mean. It is explicitly stated that the man is the head of the household. In marriage, there is no such thing as equality. It all comes down to ranking. The degree of equality has no effect on ranking.

Despite the fact that we are both equal before God because there is no such thing as a man or a woman before God. Also, we have equal standing in the eyes of God. There are no Jews or Greeks in this world. My husband and I are both capable of praying, and God will respond to both of us regardless of our gender. However, when it comes to husband and wife, there is a ranking system based on the order of their marriage. In marriage, there is a certain amount of order. God is not the author of muddled thinking. When God decided that the temple needed to be built, he gave them the go-ahead.

Pastor Mildred Kingsley and her husband are pictured here.

The woman is expected to submit because she has the right to choose whether or not to do so. She has the option of deciding who she will submit to.

God did not tell Abraham to go to the side of the road and submit to all men. All men are not the same as your head. Your husband serves as your leader.

You chose your husband, and as a result, you must obey him. You made a lot of promises when you were exchanging vows at the altar, and now it's time to put them into action, but you are unable to do so.

It is the most reasonable thing I have ever heard in my life when God tells you to choose a man you can submit to. In other words, God is telling you to choose a leader and trust him to guide you.

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