Mutua Alleges Karua is An Atheist, Reveals of Her Secret Believes

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The Machakos governor Alfred Mutua has made it clear that he has before worked with Martha Karua in Kibaki's government and it's widely known that she is an atheist. Mutua is clear Martha Karua has never gone in any church to worship God because she is largely a non believer and doesn't believe in the existence of any God.

Here is a link, watch from 1.30 minutes:

Mutua has warned Kenyans not to make a mistake and elect Martha Karua and Raila Odinga for the two do not believe in God at all. Mutua is clear, Karua's place of worship is not known for she doesn't believe in the existence not God and has pronounced herself so before.

This brings to the questing that probably Raila Odinga picked Martha Karua as his running mate for they both do not believe in existence of God. Karua has never been seen in church as well she has been a strong defender of the atheists faith in the corridors of justice going by Mutua's assertion.

The most interesting thing is that already Martha Karua is Raila's running mate and Rigathi Gachagua whose wife is a bishop is Ruto's Running Mate. This factors compounded together clearly confirm it's the believers of God against the atheists who are all over insulting God saying all manner of things against him.

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