8 Things That Can Happen To Your Body When You Don't Sleep Well At Night


As a human being, getting adequate sleep is very important for your health. Sleep is a period of rest, when our body experiences natural loss of consciousness from its immediate environment. The human body needs at least 8 hours of sleep everyday, especially at night. However, lack of sleep can be harmful to our health, as it can affect our body in so many ways.

Here is a list of 8 things that can happen to your body when you don't sleep well at night.

1. Your body Immune system becomes weak

Inadequate sleep at night, can affect and lower your body immunity, thereby making you weak and prone to sicknesses.

2. Early morning Migraine/severe headache

When you don't sleep well at night, you may likely develop a migraine or severe headache, especially on your forehead. This migraine will usually occur in the morning.

3. Increase in body weight, which can lead to Obesity

Prolonged lack of sleep at night can make you gain more body weight, thereby increasing your chances of becoming obese.

4. Fatigue of the body muscles

Inadequate sleep at night, will make your body muscles weak. You will experiencing constant fatigue and tiredness.

5. High risk of developing a heart disease

When you constantly deprive your body a good night sleep, you will start having increased heart rate and increase in blood pressure. This can cause a strain on your heart, thereby making you prone to heart disease.

6. Development of low libido

Lack of sleep will reduce your sex drive, thereby affecting your libido.

7. Development of diabetes in the body

People who does not sleep well at night, have a high chance of developing diabetes. This is because there would be a change in the way the body processes glucose, which is responsible for the body energy. It can cause type 2 diabetes.

8. Depression and poor concentration

When you don't sleep well at night, you wake up feeling depressed. Your brain and body would be stressed, leading to poor concentration in whatever you do.

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