Horrible Truck Accident Left 4 Adults & 1 Child Dead

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A head-on collision between a truck and sedan on R72 Spionkop in Eastern Cape has left 4 adults and a child dead, this is definitely going to be a serious situation that is going to involve a lot of investigations into this matter so that they can find out who is at wrong.

And in which case the truck driver is supposed to be held liable and given the jail sentence that he deserve because this is definitely something that cannot be allowed in our society, we have to be in a situation where we can just get by with the situation.

Members of the public are very much interested in knowing that the perpetrator of this horrible act can be brought to Justice, he cannot be in a situation where he left 4 adults and one child dead because of a horrible accident that was created.

This is definitely devastating to many members of the public who really don't want to see such criminal activities happening, we know that in this case this man is probably going to be taken into police custody or he is going to be summoned to court at a later stage.

Where he's supposed to explain what really happened and if they find them to be guilty he will surely be arrested, but we also know that that an arrest doesn't necessarily mean that he will strictly go to jail he will go through the court proceedings and know if his sentence is suspended his supposed to serve it concurrently.

In case of neglect that could be on his side at the moment we don't really know what is going on but the officials are going to investigate the case, and then find out before they disclose to the general public what are the next steps that are going to be taken in this regard.

In order to deal with this matter in a manner that is going to satisfy everyone who is involved, this man has to be arrested.


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