Hard to believe. Check out how old is Vusi Kunene.

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Vusi Kunene is a South African actor, best known for his role as Jack Mabaso on SABC'S 1 Generations to Generation: The legacy which airs every weekday at 8 pm. He is best known for playing the villain most of the time and he plays the character Jack Mabaso very well. It is alleged that he is soon to leave Generation to move on to another show that will replace Rhythm City. This has been sad news to many fans of Generations especially to Jack Mabaso the character. 

Vusi Kunene started his acting career back in 1993 and has since appeared on 25 films and TV shows and received a Golden Horn Award in 2011. Mr Kunene was born on the 12th of April in the year 1966. He is turning 55 years old next month. So this means he is 5 years from becoming 60 is a shock to be honest. Just by looking at him one would think he is in his late forties not to even imagine 50.

He has grown in age since he first started in 1993 as well as his talent in acting. We hope to see him in our TV screen more.



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