Remember The Lady Who Was Laughed For Being a Street Vendor With a Degree? See What Happened to Her

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A lady has wowed people on social media after becoming successful after several years of being a street vendor. Vivian became a street vendor after graduating from a university with a degree.

She chose to sell vegetables, fruits, and other food products instead of sitting idle or going into prostitution. Sometimes she hawks in a wheel barrow. She is an owner of a supermarket, a car, and a business. She started from scratch, and today she's an inspiration to the younger generation.

People laughed at me for being a street vendor with a degree. It was not my fault that I was born into a family where there were no other options but to sell goods on the streets. My parents had only one option: to sell goods on the streets.

"I am lucky enough to have been able to study despite all these challenges that life has thrown at me. At first, my parents did not want me to go out on the streets selling things because they thought that it would not be good for my future career path. But when they saw how happy it made me, they changed their minds and supported me completely".She owns a fruit and vegetable supermarket. She also has her own car, plus a delivery car for the business. Even those who used to laugh at her are now seeking employment from her.  She recently got inducement they worth millions.

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