Reactions As ODM Chairman John Mbadi Gives Details Of Ruto's Phone Call To Raila


Storms erupts the internet following the information given by ODM chairman, John Mbadi confirming that his party leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto had recently contacted each other through a phone call.

The ODM leaders promised to form a strong alliance post-BBI bill. Following the recent phone call, rumours and speculations of a possible coalition between the two famous politicians is spreading like a bush fire.

Mbadi penning his thoughts from a post on Twitter page, The ODM chairman said that he had confirmed a recent phone call between his party leader Raila Odinga and Deputy president William Ruto.

Some netizens reacted to the above post giving their opinions of a possible alliance to be formed between the two.

"Rarua alliance. (Raila+Ruto Alliance)". A comment read.

"Railla loading his protest speach!". A comment read.

"Make alliance with our problems kindly and shake not only Kenya but the world... We need enough food, proper education, clean water, proper shelter ,justice to the poor and discriminated, protection of our constitution and public resources, equality and patriotism .great KENYA". A comment read.

"If ODM goes into the same alliance with Ruto, a man whose name is synonymous with the that's wrong with Kenya... Corruption, theft of public land, cronyism, etc...then ODM is just a shame". A comment read.