Kabado Wa Kabado Pleads With The Government To Intervene on Needy Students

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Many parents and students have continued to face major challenges in their academic progress. The main challenge has always been when it comes to the payment of school fees. We are having several needy students stuck home due to the inability to pay high school. This has lead to wastage of sharp brains out there as their positions are traded out.

Speaking on Twitter, Kabado Wa Kabado has put himself in the shoe of such students from such families. He has asked for further intervention from the government and relevant bodies saying this;

"Bright talented needy kids Form1 will miss Form1 slots schools of choice for lack of fees. Their positions will be traded for "others". Students in private academies are already suffering kcpe "grades balancing". Credit: TSC has done well resourcing schools. #GoKPayHighSchoolFees," wrote Kabado Wa Kabado.

This is exactly what is happening on ground out there causing depression among most parents and their students. This has even made some of the sharp brains to give up with life and go d alternatives for survival.

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