It Was Traumatic For Me: Gospel Artist Who Was Accused Of Infecting A Woman With STI Says

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After being accused of forcibly sleeping with a lady whom he allegedly infected with a STI, renowned Kenyan gospel artist DK Kwenye Beat has now opened out about what he goes through on a daily basis.

A woman went to court a few years ago, accusing two gospel musicians, DK and Hopekid, of allegedly forcing her to sleep with them and then infecting her with herpes. The woman said that the two took advantage of the fact that she was a little tipsy, according to her claims.

This was followed by a dramatic scenario in which a large number of Kenyans took to their various social media accounts to criticize the two artists and demand that the government prohibit them from singing gospel tunes. Most Kenyans claimed that the two should have been arrested for what they reportedly did, according to reports.

Dk has opened up about the incident, saying that it drastically affected his life to the point where he had to stay at home for a while. DK claimed that he never infected her with herpes, despite the fact that he didn't deny sleeping with her.

"It was traumatic for me since I had a girlfriend, and wherever I went, one or two people would accuse me or inquire if I had been healed. It had gotten to the point where I couldn't accomplish anything until I resolved to confront the demon and disgrace him. On my social media accounts, I am frequently abused by Kenyans, but I try to remain calm ", DK remarked.

According to DK's findings, most Kenyans are accustomed to passing judgment on others too quickly, something he claims he has become accustomed to, adding that he is now focused on other aspects of his life.

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