RIP: She Committed Suicide Moments After Sharing Heartbreaking Posts On Facebook. (WATCH)

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After seeing the suicide note of a young and beautiful woman who recently took her own life, Mzansi was devastated. It's sad that many people don't think of suicide as a simple way out of their difficulties. People are now expected to advocate suicide without regard for the consequences it will have on those left behind.

Monny Muthoni, a woman who had recently written painful words on Facebook, has taken her own life. The day before or just a few hours before they died, many people who took their own lives left some sort of message on social media. Despite leaving a sign that indicated they were in need of help, nobody noticed.

The woman also posted a video of herself crying on social media, but no one saw it. Because she is bored and tired of living on this planet, the lady reportedly stated that she is resigning.

The following is the caption for this picture: "In the end, I've had enough, and I'm ready to move on. I'm going to leave you here in this beautiful pit with your problems. I gave it my best shot. There will be no more suffering. There's no need to keep waking up. There is no one who owns anything. I'm going to sleep for a little longer than usual right now. Time is eternal, therefore you can call it that.." She put pen to paper.

Sadness abounds. This young lady is the daughter of a deceased suicide victim. Many social media users have taken the lady's side. When you are exhausted, you should go softly. Similarly, some feel that death is the only way out of this world. It's easy to think that life is pointless and that it's best to retreat to a peaceful location, but this isn't the case. Everyone has a problem that they need to open up about. Taking one's own life is an option, but there is always a solution.

The family and friends of this beautiful child are in our thoughts and prayers. Because she was still young, she didn't deserve to die like this.

It is my hope that her soul will rest in peace.


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