Date Rush: After Rejecting David, It Is Clear Fatima Doesn't Want A Date On The Show (Opinion)


Date Rush: After Rejecting David, It Is Clear Fatima Doesn't Want A Date On The Show (Opinion)

Fatima is back on the date rush show with her usual 'choosy' lifestyle.

She is one face that has become very common due to her long stay on the program since the later parts of the previous season.

She was usually controversial on the previous edition of the show, and never got a date after the end of that amazing edition (season 4).

Yesterday, she brought her 'girl Dem boss' after rejecting one of the most handsome guys who have graced the stage in season 5.

She has always been one contestant who usually rejects guys no matter how perfect they look.

She usually has her own kind of excuse she uses to reject the guys. So many viewers have vowed to stop watching the show, the day she gets a date.

Though Fatima happens to be one of the most troublesome female contestants on the show, she is usually that interesting personality who adds a wonderful video to the show anytime he appears for a contest.

We can clearly say she is the 'life of the party'.

Looking at Fatima's attitude, it is very clear she is not making any effort to get a date on the show.

Yesterday, he rejected David, one of the most handsome guys to have appeared on the new season of the show.

Judging from the reason she gave for her rejection, I wonder who will actually catch her fancy, as she has bounced almost every nice guy who comes for a contest.

In season 4, she indicated that, she was into guys who have dreadlocks and till date we have not seen a guy of that kind on the show.

I believe this is why she keeps rejecting every guy no matter how handsome he is.

Since she has come to entertain viewers in the 5th season of the date rush show, we hope she doesn't only entertain fans, but also finds true love on the show like other ladies do.