Dr Lay Low Drops Deep Bars On Ground Up Chale Striaght From 233 (SF233)


Kelvin Eyram Amenyedor, known in the music industry as Dr Lay Low is a Ghanaian rapper and Doctor by profession. He is a general physician who wants to specialize in obstetrics gynecology. The basis of writing his own song commenced after his mother gave him Disney sing a-longs. Dr Law Lay started of with singing hence joining the church choir. Rap music became dear to his heart when he enrolled in a senior high school. He won his first rap battle between himself and his senior which made him lay low. After the rap battle he earned the name lay low which he has used till now.

Dr Lay Low had the chance to be on Ground Up Chale's Straight From 233 ( SF233 ) . He dropped some deep bars about some experiences he's been through and some current happenings on going in the country. He's one deep rapper who combines knowledge he has acquired from reading medicine and fuses them into his rap music. To watch the video visit the YouTube channel of Ground Up Chale

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