Tension As Another Bodaboda Rider Is Killed At Nairobi Pipeline For Ignoring Traffic Signs

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Barely hours following the ghastly incident in which Bodaboda riders torched a Toyota Prado in Lessos, Nandi County another Bodaboda rider has been mowed down by the Diesel Multiple Unit Train (DMU) at Pipeline Stage.

The accident occurred when the rider neglected to obey the 'flagging' sign by workers at the Railway crossing. In his haste the motorbike got stuck on the railway line and the train had no option but to run him over.

Police have been brought in to quell the tension as the rowdy Bodaboda riders threatened to burn the train. It is common that the riders who have little knowledge and no respect for traffic rules would band together and protect one of their own whenever an accident occurs.

Lately the riders have been emboldened to acts of violence by the political narrative that they belong to an underprivileged class. They've therefore unleashed mayhem, causing injury to road-users and damage to property worth millions belonging to motorists.

In the Lessos incident the riders burnt down a Toyota Prado even when it was later determined that the rider who had been knocked down was on the wrong.

Maybe it's time the Law enforcement agencies focused on the looming coutrywide threat caused by Bodaboda riders.

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