Video: 2 Slay Queens Caught Harrasing An Old Man To “Grind” Their Backsides In Public

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What is happening to our generation? Instead of the adult teaching the young ones the right thing, they rather causes confusion with their unbelievable behaviors on social media.

Sometimes, most people do not want to blame the youths so much for exhibiting certain attitude on social media. It could be that, some of to youths practice what they see on social media and that is why the elderly ones must try to exhibit good moral values in public for the youths the learn.

According to a video which is causing confusion on social media, two slay queens were spotted causing confusion with their backsides as they dance with an old man. According to the video, these slay queens seen harassing an old man to dance and grind them in public. One lady was seen tearing the old man's shirt after he was trying to ignore them in public. The old man could not let them go as he also grind the backsides of the slay queens in public.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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