Muthee Kiengei Reveals The Best Decision That he Made


In a recent social media post, Muthee Kiengei kicked off by stating that beating all odds and going back to servanthood was the best decision that he made. He went on to state that becoming what he was destined to be despite all the human errors he made and life mistakes, he must admit that the God of Grace and Mercy is still enthroned to anyone who feels useless and tired.

Kiengei also urged all to run to God since human beings are judgemental with the sad part being that all will face the grave regardless. Winding up, Kiengei urged all to befriend Jesus.

Kiengei's ministry has been a blessing to many and it is important that he gets to testify using his personal experiences from time to time so as to serve as an encouragement to those in hard situations at the moment.

The photos are courtesy of Muthee Kiengei Wa Watoria's social media.