Opinion: Should the Kenyan government come up with new measures to protect it's people?

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With all the misfortunes we've had as a nation, the government should have learned a lesson and come up with measures on how to protect the people across the country. However, it seems the government is still sleeping on the job and it's high time they wake up from this slumber before the country is turned into a banana lawless republic.

In relation to what happened in Lamu a couple of days ago, the government has a lot of job to do to prevent future attacks from happening again. It's sad and painful to see fellow Kenyans being killed like wild animals by merciless people who have their selfish agenda at heart.

Lamu county is bordering Somalia and terror group Al-Shabab has made this place their playground despite the government's massive deployment of security forces. The question is, is their sabotage in the ongoing operations? The government can try and apply the following measures to avoid future attacks in the region;

The government should increase intelligence gathering and get accurate intelligence to flush out these terrorists in the region. Village elders and the communities in this county should be involved in intelligence gathering so as to aid the security forces in good operation planning.

Modern weapons should be deployed even if it means buying them, the government has an obligation to protect it's people at all costs. Pieces of equipment like drones with thermal heat sensors and attack precision should be purchased, armored vehicles, minesweepers vehicles, IED sensor vehicles, night vision gadgets, bullet proof vests, automatic rifles with over 1000 metres shooting range capacity, advanced attack helicopters, modern tanks, modern fighter jets, modern warships among other weapons should be added into our arsenal.

Roads should be well tarmacked to facilitate easy movements of forces and roads built where there is forests or bushes on both sides should have those bushes or forests cleared one kilometre from the road on both ends. This will give the security forces a clear way on who is attacking them.

The security forces should have their salaries tripled and their families well taken care by the government as this is a volatile area with a lot of risk. This will motivate our security personnel to work hard and save a lot lives in this region and beyond.

Last but not least, the government should increase job opportunities for youths in this region as most of them are used by this terror group because they are idle. They should also work with religious leaders and educate the people on importance of peaceful co-existence.

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