'Wadudu Wanawakula' Eight Starving Kids Neglected By Their Mom and Infested By Jiggers Cry For Help


Some children who have been neglected by their parents in the country are going through a hard life. Such families exist in the country and it is sad. If you ever come across such children and you have the ability to help, then lend them a hand.


Eight children in Webuye have reportedly been infested by jiggers. According to reports, the parents of the children left home in unclear circumstances.

Evelyn Simiyu who is a neighbour of the neglected children and also the area village elder says their parents left home a long time ago leaving behind the starving children. The children now depend on their neighbours for daily meals.

Their mother is said to have turned into a drunkard. It is also reported that the children are not learning in school due to lack of school fees.

The village elder has pleaded with well wishers and the government to help in bringing up the eight children since the neighbours are poor and cannot sustain all thr children well.

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