"We Support the President but We're Not Psychophant, We will Tell him When He's Wrong" Ichungwa Says


Kimani Ichungwa has rubbished claim from Betrice Elachi that they have issues with President Uhuru Kenyatta and that is why they are condemning his presence in Naivasha yesterday to witness the Safari Rally. In a interview with Citizen TV Ledama Ole Kina explained why he wasn't in Naivasha "I attended a fundraiser in my constituency in support of medical bill and to help my people get income" Ledama said. On other hand Kimani Ichungwa explained why he wasn't there and outlined how he is busy and can't afford to go and watch vehicles.

However Betrice Elachi claimed that the two have issues with the president and that is why they are not supporting the whole idea. In response Ole Kina claimed that he believes that Covid-19 is real and won't risk and spend most of his time creating awareness to his people. On other hand Kimani Ichungwa furiously told off Betrice Elachi that "We have no issue with the president and we are are not Psychophant, we will tell him when he is wrong"

This comes beary a period when the political temperatures are hightening in the country amid the upcoming general election. The leaders allied to DP Ruto were in Kiambaa campaigning for UDA candidate while the DP William Ruto himself was in Ukambani attending various functions to popularize his bid and that why they failed to show up in Naivasha.

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