Hours After Rogue Cop Kills Wife, Man in Machakos Kills Wife and Commits Suicide

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Earlier this morning, Kenyans woke up to the horrific incident of a police officer named Private Constable Benson Imbasi, killed his wife and six other people before committing suicide.

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This afternoon, news reaching us from Mitaboni in Machakos County is that an almost similar incident has just taken place there.

It's reported that a man has killed his wife and then decided to take his own life in now what is turning out to be a really dark Tuesday.

The unidentified man has done what the police officer did this morning as the cases such as this are turning out to be too many killings in the country.

The government has been asked to offer psychological counseling to the many Kenyans facing depression so that such incidents can be averted and lives saved.

This killing takes place hours after something the same happened in Kabete in Nairobi County where the rogue officer killed his lover who was pregnant at the time.

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