Meat Seller Finally Caught For Continously Using Water From Gutter To Wash Meat For Sale


It is a sad thing when we see how certain food items we purchase from town are badly treated before we purchase them for consumption. These individuals need to be duely checked to make sure we do not consume things that are unsafe for the body.

A man was luckily caught by a passer-by washing the meat that has been arranged for sale with water collected in the gutter just by where he was.

When asked whether he was going to sell them also, he replied he would.Thus is very sad, seeing the kind of things we consume into our bodies.

We should on our sides practice washing raw foodstuffs purchased from time with salt water. The health officials should also set secret spies ober food vendors to apprehend all such people for our own safety.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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