Newspaper Headline Review: Return of Jimi Wanjigi, Uhuru Tours DP's Turf, The Big BBI Battle Starts


1. Which Way BBI? The Big Battle Starts

COURT OF APPEAL CASE The stage is set, the players have taken their positions and the referees are at hand to determine what could be the mother of all court battles this year

Lawyers representing the appelants side are ;

James Orengo, Githu Muigoi, Paul Mwangi, Otiende Amollo and AG Kihara Kariuki.

Lawyers rep respondents side are;

Nelson Havi, Elias Mutumo, Michael Karanja, Charles Kanjama and Marara Omoke.

2. The Return of Jimi Wanjigi

The road to State House is taking shape as the city billionaire, Jimmy Wanjigi, who has been a silent kingmaker has announced he will run for it come 2022 but now wants a piece of the action. He revealed to the Nation Media Group through a text message reading, "I will be in the race." The way his entry will rock the nation's politics is unclear for now for many Kenyans.

3. Uhuru Tours Ruto's Turf to Cement Legacy

The president has visited DP Ruto's turf even though they are not in good terms. This depicts that he will be welcomed by Gideon Moi who seem to have merged with Raila for the upcoming 2022 general elections. He is expected to launch a number of projects to cement his legacy as his final moments of his tenure encroach.

Here are some of the comments made netizens, "Rift Valley is home to everyone just like Luo Nyanza. President Uhuru has a right to visit anywhere, with or without Ruto. Anyway, we need tribal kingpins who will negotiate for our community. In Kisii, we have Matiang'i/Ongwae. Mr #GideonMoi must improve, he can't beat Ruto."


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