"HIV Is No Longer A Death Sentence" Lady Who Has Survived With It For 28 Years States


A young lady by the name Doreen Morancha has informed the public that HIV is nolonger a death sentence as people always think.

She went ahead to give herself as an example stating that she had lived with HIV with 28 years and , she shall be celebrating 29 years of leaving with the virus next month.

She stated that she was revealed to have the virus when she was 8 years and since then her life changed . According to her leaving with that HIV for the last 28 years has made her believe that it is not a death disease.

"I was diagnosed with HIV 21 years ago. 

I was just 8 years old & that was when the doctors made the diagnosis that changed my life.

Next month i'll be celebrating 29 of living with HIV and thats why i tell you HIV is no longer a death sentence .

I am not my diagnosis" she tweeted.

Gudmng https://t.co/h01d8TfTbm" She stated 

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