"The greatest thrill in life is by living for others."- Medical doctor


A medical doctor based in the US has made some great thrill in life that makes life's more meaningful and your life will become memorable.

The medical doctor make this statement when his loyal friend visited him to the clinic where he was working.

And he said, "That's what makes life real, is when you, not what you can do or accomplish for yourself, but what you can do for others."

See, that's when you're really living. And if there happens to be someone who is reading this has never did that, tried to live for somebody else, give that a try, and just see how much more life holds for you when you will not live for what you can get yourself out of life but what you can give someone else in life. And you'll find that it's more blessed than riches or anything that can be thought of, is what you can do for someone else to make life's burdens (which, life in itself is a burden), make it a little lighter for someone else. You just don't know the joy unless you've tried it once, to do something for someone else.

This conversation happened between this great two fellows starts when his loyal friend asked the medical doctor, 'how are you?'.

And he said, "Oh, a lot of patients." Said, "I had fifteen examinations this afternoon."

And then that brings me to thinking of thirty-one years of ministry for the Lord. And I guess every man thinks of sometime when he has to come to his last service, and come to his last hour, and look back down the path, and see what has been accomplished, see what's went on, "Have you did anything?" And as I have just said, it's what you do for others that counts.

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