Cute photos of SA celebrities and their babies

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Being a VIP in South Africa can imply that some significant parts of as long as you can remember are imparted to your fans. In this article, we show you the photos and encounters of these renowned couples and their charming children.

Brenden and Mpoomy Ledwaba

The two secured the bunch in 2017 and, in December 2018, invited their dear baby not long before Christmas. Their radiant Baby Nuri was acquainted with the world before long birth and has had many eye-getting pictures from photoshoots delivered.

They named her Nuri ( which implies our light) and Lethabo (euphoria). Mpoomy is additionally eager at this point.

Lexi Van and Mandla Hlatshwayo

We watched them become hopelessly enamored before cameras on Big Brother, and Mandla proceeded to win the show. From that point forward, the couple reported that they were expecting their first youngster in 2018, and he was brought into the world in April 2019. They named him Thingo, which implies rainbow.

Despite the fact that they have had a few issues and are accounted for to have separated after their youngster's introduction to the world, they are back together at this point.

DJ Zinhle and AKA

These two have had a rough ride with regards to their relationship; they have separated and reunited twice. One thing is consistent, and that is the affection they have for their little girl, Kairo Owethu Forbes.

She is one of the most dedicated South African children and advances clothing for Naartjie and Earthchild's child style. She has showed up on two magazine covers and has an extremely energetic Instagram account. She was brought into the world in 2015.

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