Do You Want To Improve Your Cooking Skills? Check Out The Following Youtube Channels For Tutorials.


Youtube is a platform that allows an individual, a group or even partners to post their videos. Whether entertaining, educative or comic. The content creators are paid while the viewers get to learn and are also entertained.

This article today will focus on the best Kenyan cooking channels that get into details.

1. Pika Na Raych.

Pika na Raych is a youtube channel managed by Rachael Gitau. She is a self taught chef who prepares meals with steps that are very easy to follow. Be sure to check her out if you want to improve your cooking styles.

2. Milly Chebby

Milly Chebby is a Kenyan vlogger, mother as well as a tv producer. Milly youtube channel will teach you how to prepare all the meals you ever wished to learn how to do them.

3. Chef Raphael

Chef Raphael is a professional chef. He not only prepares Kenyan meals but also foreign meals. He is also a professional when it comes to baking cakes.