Kindukuluu Sacco: Celebrities Who Have Openly Confessed Their Love For Weed


The past few days have seen the anthem for legalisation of bhang fill the air.This is after the rastafarian movement went to court to seek for the legalisation of weed in Kenya.This talk has been there for years and famous celebrities have been part of the 'legalise weed' movements.With me are some of these celebrities.


Number nane as he is famously known has for years advocated for the herb to be made legal in Kenya.Octo has been seen in several interviews with the drug stating that it has no effects.Infact he promised that all his songs in 2020 will champion for the legalisation of the herb.

2.Huddah Monroe

This beauty queen took the internet by storm in 2013 when she stated that she smoked weed as it was prescribed to her by a medical doctor.This was after she was spotted smoking back then after she attended the Big Brother Africa Event.She recently posted on her social media accounts a message to the president to legalise the herb before holding the referendum.

3.Zzero Sufuri

He is among the top musicians in the country and his fame came due to his song dubbed 'Zimenishika' This songs lyrics are in praise of the blunt and he is seen in several scenes smoking a substantance many believe to be weed.

4.Noti Flow.

The petite artist is among the artists who have openly confessed to having smoked weed.She once revealed that she smokes it as part of recreation and enjoyment.This are among the few who have openly confessed their love for cannabis.Others who have praised the herb through their lyrics include;Swat wa matire,Saaru wa Manyaru,Benzeema,Dmore among others.What is your say about the legalisation of bhang?