Photos Of Husband And His Heavily Pregnant Wife, Killed By A Hit-And-Run Driver.

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It was gathered that the husband and wife went for a birthday party of one of their friends on the 2nd of May after the birthday party was over, they both left the party venue, as they were crossing the highway, a speeding car crashed into them. The driver, after he saw what had occurred he zoomed off and left the couple to their fate.

Lucky and Ajoke Akpor were said to have gotten married about four months ago in Delta state. Ajoke was said to be heavily pregnant with their first child and was due to deliver this week when the incident occurs. Lucky was a photographer and also have his studio in Delta state. Their remains have since been deposited at the General mortuary.

It's so unfortunate that the life of this beautiful couple was cut short. If only they paid little attention to the road maybe they would have seen the speeding vehicle coming. The husband should have never agreed for the pregnant wife to cross the highway, knowing fully that inpatient drivers will be driving by. He should know that the speed it will take him to run and cross the road will be different from the speed the wife will be taken especially a heavily pregnant wife. It's most likely that the man was running at the pace of the wife which prevented him from running faster.

What a joyful celebration it would have been for the family this week if she delivers safely but what had happened, had happened and nothing can change that, how I wished they will be given a second chance. May their soul rest in peace.

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