5 hairstyles that will make your hair grow

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The process of making our hair grow faster and longer can be tiring sometimes due to your genetic makeup and the nature of your hair. Some people just have long hair naturally, other people need to work for it. I present to you five hair styles that will make your hair grow faster and longer.

Number one is the traditional tie hair. Thread used can either be rubber, cotton or wool. This hairstyle will give you your desired length if you make it consistently.

The second hairstyle is Bantu knots. It's almost like the first but you wrap this one into small knots. It's very comfortable and will make your hair grow some inches longer.The effectiveness of cornrows or weaving in making your hair cannot be overemphasized. This hairstyle locks in your hair to prevent breakage while at the same time protecting your scalp. You can do it with just your natural hair or with the help of hair extensions or attachment. The fourth one is twist. Doing this with just your natural hair will also boost hair growth. Make sure to moisturize your hair very well.Finally our all time favorite, the box braids. You can either make the strands small, medium or jumbo size according to your preferences. This will also make your hair grow faster.

It is important to note that when doing any of this styles, avoid pulling your hair too much. As such, don't make it too tight as this will cause friction. Also, switch up your styles regularly so you are not putting pressure on the same spot day in day out.

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