Things That Happen To Your Body If You Stop Having Sex: No. 1 And 4 Is Very Important

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1. You might feel more or less stressed

Such as other psychological effects of lack of sèx, it's tricky. "People who are less stressed tend to have more sèx, but it's also an organization, not a causation, " Dr. Streicher said. That said, if sèx is a stress reliever for you, in fact, not having it will cause your stress levels to increase.

The small Scottish study even showed that individuals who had sèx were less reactive to stress than those who abstained. But, states Dr. Steicher, "sèx is really stressful for some women for a number of reasons: it could be painful, or it can be another thing on their to-do list. "

2. You Might Reduce Your Risk of Urinary System Infections

It's probably not surprising that your particular risk of STIs goes down if you don't have sèx, but really also likely that UTIs might go lower. But it is determined by your type of sèxuality. "Sèxual intercourse may improve the threat of recurrent bladder infections, " Doctor. Streicher said, due to potential for tranny of bacteria. Eighty % of Liūl? in prèmenopausal women occur within twenty-four hours of having sèx, and as the Journal of the American Family members Physician states, "intercourse frequency is the strongest predictor of recurrent UTIs. inch Minus sèx, then These risks can be ignored.

3. You might have more severe menstrual cramps

Surprisingly, sèx may help relieve menstrual cramps. While it's not well-studied, the reasons are sound, Physician Streicher said. "The uterus is a muscle, and many women actually experience uterine contractions during òrgasm, which cause blood to drain faster, which reduces menstrual cramps, " she explains. "Additionally, endorphins may increase, which can also help relieve menstrual cramps. " This particular is an unexpected benefit you lose if you don't have sèx—but fortunately, this benefit doesn't require a companion to remedy.

4. You may become less intelligent

Well, not exactly, but two very interesting rodent studies, one from the University of Maryland and one from South Korea, found that sèxual intercourse improved their brain function and brain cell growth. But more research is needed before we know with assurance that not having sèx means if you're missing out on this spiritual increase. "This falls under the 'interesting initial study' title, but it proves absolutely nothing, " Doctor Streicher said.

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