“I’m not lucky with friends, they always stab me in the back” – Bobrisky laments

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Celebrity Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, has bemoaned the fact that he’s unlucky when it comes to making friends.

During an exclusive chat with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, The controversial celeb stated that people he considers his friends always end up stabbing him in the back.

She said: “You know, me am not lucky with friends o. You know some people, they are not lucky with friends and they will come back and stab you. But some people are very lucky with friends”.

Meanwhile, Bobrisky’s former Ivorian PA, Oye Kyme recently shared juicy details about the self styled billionaire girlfriend.

Taking to her Instagram Stories during a Q&A with her followers, Oye Kyme alleged that Bob is in an amorous relationship with billionaire businessman, Mompha, lives a fake life for the gram, amongst several other shocking details.

She wrote: "Bob is ugly. It’s just make up. He has beards and the beards is full of pimples. So even if he shaves it, he has to put a lot of foundation to hide it." 

“He is a man, a real man. He is even bald. That is why he always wear his wig starting from the front head so that people will not notice that he’s not having hair,” she concluded. 

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