We Blame Corona Virus For All Economic Misfortunes In Ghana ~Kwaku Baako


Coronavirus has harmed many more people than it has helped. We are fortunate in Africa that the deadly virus's full effect has not been felt, although we have learnt that thousands of people die every day in certain developing countries. According to Kwaku Baako, African countries, especially Ghana, are using the Coronavirus to hide the fact that they are experiencing difficult times.

All that is happening now, he claims, was already happening long before Coronavirus arrived. COVID-19, he said, is to blame for all that happens in Africa.

“Explain to me what our nation, Ghana, was not experiencing prior to the onset of COVID-19. Our failure to establish schools, which has resulted in children sleeping under trees, predates COVID-19. He pointed out that, the annual increase in VAT existed before COVID-19 found its way into the country, and that, the increase in petrol existed before COVID-19 found its way here"

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